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30 April 2005

Afrai wrote two lovely Good Omens stories: City of Angels and Angels Everywhere. About Aziraphale and Crowley before the Fall.

I really don't usually recommend RPS, but lakester has written a lovely Have I Got News For You story called Tea is not a metaphor. (*looks nervously at Ian Hislop and Paul Merton* We know this never really happened, okay?)

This needs no excuse: Yahtzee wrote a lovely Jeeves/Wooster story: Wooster's School for Wayward Girls. Pre-slash. But then Bertie seems to live in a perennial state of pre-slash.

This is not quite right, but it's so close to what I want that I intend to recommend it anyway: Dans le Défit de la Coutume - a January/Shaw story (from the Benjamin January series by Barbara Hambly), by Elspeth Dixon. Shaw and January have the most intriguing relationship - and it seems to be a kind, between men, that Hambly writes very well (as in Those Who Hunt The Night, between Isidro and James). It makes me wish very much that her heroes were not always so heterosexual: it would be very interesting to see what Hambly herself would do with a relationship like this.

Psychological Demons - a Cyteen/Good Omens crossover by Daegaer.

Jack Sparrow has a little run-in with the East India Company - a Pirates of the Caribbean/The Dark Is Rising crossover by DeLaMancha

And this I haven't read yet, because it is long and I have had little time, but oh my: Green Ice, a Sayers/Wodehouse story. Lord Peter Wimsey and Bertie Wooster - what could be nicer? By Adina.

30 March 2005

Britt Rose's Laura (she's supposed to have a website, too, but it seems to have gone AWOL): slashing Margaret Houlihan.

And two M*A*S*H drabbles: Faith by Nerdcakes and Faith by Whatho.

Background, by Ryo Sen & Jo March: another way West Wing's season two could have begun.

This Set Down, a Highlander story by Jane St Clair

...which happened to remind me how back when I was rolling around in Highlander fandom, I ran across the word amaranth.

14 February 2005

I believe that mortal coils is the second popslash story I have ever rec'd, and I hate to do it in case it turns into a trend, but No pSeud Attached has written something very funny and very worth reading, even if you don't give a damn about N'Sync. Just pretend it's original fiction about these guys in a band... and one of them has tentacles.

The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortion, by Mirabella. Suffice to say that I normally regard Harry/Draco fanfic with active boredom... but not this one.

On the other hand, Some Fine Things by Brooklinegirl (one of the Yuletide stories) is like an IOU to myself; one of these days I really must see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, because I've been reading about it so long. A gen story, but definitely Butch/Sundance orientated.

Sue's My Man Jeeves - the most adorable Jeeves/Wooster story. I've loved it since the first reading. It's just so Wodehousian.

Russell Lomax - a reverse rec: this guy is selling a whole stack of erotica, porn, and slash, none of which he has any right to. His name, phone number, e-mail address, and street address, are at the link provided, with details of the scam.

1 January 2005

Why, yes, I am still obsessed by M*A*S*H, why do you ask?

Teapot_Yo wrote a wonderful Hawkeye/BJ story: i know that i am like the rain / there but for the grace of you go i I'm pretty much turning into a Hawkeye/Mulcahy OTP (except for the tiny fact that Mulcahy is celibate and Hawkeye's a slut) but this was an extraordinarily believable story showing a BJ who is in love with his wife - because a BJ who isn't, isn't in character - but who is still involved with Hawkeye.

Malograntum Vitiorum wrote me a wonderful story for the while we tell of Yuletide treasure mass challenge: Perfectly Normal.