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Uploaded 16 December 2006

To Guide, Not to Follow ...almost Hawkeye/Mulcahy slash. Almost.

"There are nineteen rules governing literary art in the domain of romantic fiction--some say twenty-two. In Deerslayer, Cooper violated eighteen of them." Mark Twain, writing of Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses in 1895. Mostly, writing about Deerslayer... but Cooper also wrote The Last of the Mohicans.

Serenterprise-D - Next Gen/Firefly crossover by inlovewithnight. A Ninth Doctor ficathon over at livejournal, instigated by loneraven: also on the Doctor Who joy, Sure As Eggs is Eggs and supernova and Not a Busman's Holiday, oooh, and One Thing We Always Suspected About Captain Jack.

And for the Smallville love: Pretty When You're Mine by jenn.