What Would Really Happen If....

by Jane Carnall

(from a fight with Ann over All Alone)

Tarrant was sexually frustrated. This was annoying; raping and looting had been one of his best subjects at the Federation Space Academy, but the Liberator rarely stopped anywhere long enough to loot, let alone rape.

That left his shipmates; he considered the possibilities.

Avon... no. Frankly, he'd as soon bed a viper.

Cally? Hmm... no. He wasn't yet feeling suicidal, which would be the inevitable result.

Dayna...? Tarrant would hate to have to admit he was scared of someone younger, smaller, and less experienced than him, so he wasn't scared of her; it was just that it was prudent not to antagonise someone who kept bombs in her teeth and was very handy with a knife. He'd probably wind up singing soprano.

That left Vila. Easily scared, weak, not particularly vengeful -- perfect. Tarrant stood up briskly and left his cabin to find the thief.

Vila was in his own cabin, and looked up as Tarrant came in without knocking with large, worried brown eyes. Tarrant began to breathe heavily. "We're going to have a little diversion, Vila," he grinned. "Take off your clothes."


"What did you say?" Tarrant advanced on him. "Scared, Vila?"

"No... not yet. I warn you, Tarrant -- don't make me frightened. You wouldn't like me when I'm frightened."

Tarrant laughed menacingly (it was all coming back to him) and backed the little thief into a corner, reaching out for the fastenings of his tunic. Vila was trapped and terrified.

When Vila is trapped and terrified, whatever is trapping and terrifying him suddenly discovers that maybe it wasn't such a good idea; a scared cornered Vila fights brutally, efficiently, and with not the slightest awareness of rules.

Tarrant landed on the floor bleeding, bruised, and half-stunned and breathless from Vila escaping over him.


When he opened his eyes again Vila must have dragged him out into the corridor; the rest of the crew were gathered round him. Avon and Cally both looked noncommittal; Dayna was smothering giggles.

"What happened to you?" the technician enquired.

Tarrant went red. "I...er...walked into a door."

"I see." Avon smiled toothily. "And the door beat you up."



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