by Jane Carnall

from an idea by Cairo; written largely to please Gervaise


"Oh yes, you are."

"I'M NOT!"

"Yes you are."

Spock picked Kirk up, flung him over his shoulder, and started towards the transporter room.

Kirk bit back a howl of protest, thumped his bondmate's back hard, and kicked. Spock ignored him.

"Spock," the Captain pleaded, "let me down. I'll walk."

His bondmate paused.

"If you carry me into the transporter room like this," Kirk promised into Spock's shirt, "I won't sleep with you till your next pon farr - I swear it!"

"Threats are inadvisable, Jim."

Nevertheless, Spock set Kirk on his feet. As soon as the Vulcan had let go of him, Kirk started to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Spock chased after him, caught him round the waist, picked him up, and threw him over his shoulder again.

"That was most imprudent, Jim."

"I really don't want to go, Spock," said his bondmate. "You know what T'Pau said to me last time. Couldn't I just have flu? Please?"

"Vulcans do not lie," Spock said calmly. "And T'Pau rebuked you quite properly."

"She treats me as if I was twelve!"

Spock made a brief calculation. "Eleven. That is the comparable Terran age to yours on Vulcan."

"Makes you sound like a pederast," Kirk complained into his bondmate's shirt.

"Technically, in Vulcan law, I am."

That silenced Kirk for some time.



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