A Blake's 7 Alpha-Bet

A is for Avon, who plotted and schemed,

B is for Blake, idealistic and dreamed.

C is for Cally, who looked after the crew;

D is for Dayna, who blew 'em up, too.

E is for Ensor, of marvellous brain,

F is for Federation, evil, in main.

G is for Gan, god isn't he tall?

H is for Hommiks, let Seska kill all!

I is for Icicle, that's Avon, we know -

J is for Jenna, who made the ship go.

K is for Keezarn, where Vila was brave,

L is for Liberator, which rebels did save.

M is for Murder, and they did a lot,

N is for Nice, which Travis was not.

O is for Orac, thought humans a game,

P is for President, Servalan's aim.

Q is for Querulous, which all rebels are

R is for Reasonable, Blake's worst problem by far.

S is for Soolin, who was fast with a gun,

T is for Tarrant, thought rebellion was fun.

U is for Ultras, who didn't know how,

V is for Vila, with locks quite a wow.

W is for Web, made by Auronaar hands,

X is for X-bar, of cold airless lands,

Y is for Yentl, now I'm really off track,

Z is for Zen, and that's all - please come back?

Jane Carnall

29th April 1989

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