About me

I have been writing since 1981, and writing slash since 1984. I have written about a hundred published stories, and a bunch more that haven't been published, and am just beginning (May 2004) the project of getting all my now out-of-print stories up on my website.

Update, December 2006: back again after a long, long period of not updating. I promise to do more in future... ping me if I don't.

I have a greatestjournal (janecarnall) and I intend to announce updates to this website there.

(I used to have a livejournal, but it was suspended by LJ Abuse for publicly supporting breastfeeding. You may think this strange. So do I. The icons that Six Apart decided were too obscene to have as default icons are here.)

I've just started (31 July 04) a recs list: slash and anything else I like. But mostly slash.

If you haven't been here before, I request and require you to read this section in full before you go anywhere else on my website. If you haven't been here since the last time I updated (which you can check here), you should read the list of warnings in case I've added anything new.

If you want to link to this site, please read this. Otherwise, on to the stories!

If you want to link to any of these stories... Please link to the fandom subheaders, not directly to the story. (The subheaders on the story index page should all be linkable: if not, let me know.) Or, if you're rec'ing from a livejournal, link to the livejournal entry for that story. Thank you kindly.

PS Also, though it's by no means compulsory, it's fun for me to know if someone's linking to one of my stories: e-mail me.)

What you should know

I write mainly slash fanfiction. "Slash" means stories set in someone else's universe, in which one or more of the characters have or think about having a sexual, romantic, or passionate relationship with another person of the same sex. Some of my stories include explicit sex scenes. Others don't. I'm not about to waste my time or yours indicating which do and which don't: but if the following things are likely to upset you or you feel it would be illegal or immoral or fattening for you to read about them, you should go to some other, safer website. Really, you should. Because if you read on and get upset, or feel that you have been offended or hurt in some way, as I have warned you clearly that you might find yourself reading about these situations, it becomes your problem, and not mine.

The list of warnings:

  1. Fanfiction. Most of these stories are set in someone else's universe, such as Blake's 7, Star Trek, Highlander. I didn't invent the universe, nor (most of) the characters, and have borrowed at will bits and scraps of dialogue. I do not intend to violate anyone else's copyright: the creators of these universes own them and their characters, but the stories I wrote are mine. If you don't like the idea of this, read elsewhere.

  2. Sex. Some of the stories may include one or more scenes in which two men (or occasionally two women) have sex. Sometimes the sex will be described in explicit detail. If the mere thought of this squicks you horribly, you need to go away now.

  3. Alternate universes and crossovers. I like crossovers. All the stories are listed under their respective universes, and the crossovers are listed under each main universe and in a separate crossover section. I also write alternate universe stories, where a major or minor event in the original universe has been changed. These stories will be listed under the universe for which they are an alternate version. Neither crossovers nor alternate universes are otherwise warned for. That's just the way I do it.

  4. Rape, torture, murder, death. All of these things can happen and have happened in many of my stories. If you don't like that kind of thing, read elsewhere.

  5. If you really feel you need to know something about one of my stories before you risk reading it, e-mail me. I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you want to ask.

Read and understood? On to the stories!